The last few months have been a little testing. Let’s not lie. Things happen and go awry and not everything is in your control. However, one of the great things that have come about all this discord, is a season of newness. Let me explain by telling this little story.

I was on my way to deliver a few marketing materials to a new cafe in town. We had only just begun working together, and I didn’t know much about them at all. As I was approaching the destination, I had all of these wonderful memories of a school I went to that was very close. It may sound weird, but I went to a private school that had taken over an old flower shop. There were greenhouses, and storage areas all for growing flowers, all of which were renovated into classrooms to grow our minds instead (okay that was cheesy but I had to). I had some wonderful memories here, of times, places, and people. People who are no longer with us.

My google maps alerted me that I had approached my destination. It was the lot of my old school. The former building now completely removed in order to make way for another strip mall. I was honestly a bit distraught. All of these memories I held on to seemed to be unceremoniously taken away. As flustered as I was I continued into this cafe.

This cafe, was adorable. Filled with patrons of all ages, playing games, sipping coffee, chatting, or working. The owners of the cafe were extremely sweet, eager, and excited at finally having their own place. I walked out of this cafe with a great realization. Old must go. New must come.

Even though it was a bit painful to see the physical culmination of my memories was no longer in existence, it opened a new path for new memories, new cafes, new jobs, new people all with their own hopes and desires. I realized that I had been living in a stalemate almost. I’ve had a lot of things happen this last month. I got a different car, a different computer, some new clothes, a new phone, and welcomed new people into my life. This isn’t just limited to material things though. These possessions are just an outward show of what is happening. I am finally allowing myself into a season of newness. Where I intentionally allow the new in.

The older we get, the more difficult it is to break our habits or change our mindsets. You can almost feel these hard coded pathways sinking into our brain. So being mindful of allowing yourself, giving yourself permission, to have newness in your life can be extremely powerful.

You are accountable for your own newness and for not falling into routine and becoming stale. You don’t have to live with old ideas and old visions. Old goals that no longer work for you. I put off all of these major changes thinking I was ‘holding out’ or being economical when in reality I was just prolonging change. When I realized this, I realized how I had been doing the same with my business. And how exciting it would be to allow my business to see a season of newness. New clients, new work, new services.

Is there somewhere that you are holding onto past things for no reason? They could be taking up space. Why not let newness in? If you’re thinking about entering a new season of your business or life I’d love to hear about it. Maybe there’s some way I can help you discover newness. Start with the best foot forward by knowing who you are.

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