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The Encompass project was done as an independent study in the process of branding. Encompass is an architecture firm who works closely with small communities, groups of minorities, and educational institutions. They placed a strong emphasis on not only having technically advanced architecture but also creating spaces that are designed around the humans that are using them. These values that made their firm unique and desirable, however, were not emphasized or communicated throughout their identity.


Beginning with their name and a list of core values which I developed I began the rebranding process by focusing on their identity. The logo is usually the first and lasting connection that the audience has. It was important that the logo acknowledges the two contrasting qualities of Encompass. First, that they are an architecture firm who is scientifically and mathematically precise, and secondly, that they are human, organic, and relationship-oriented. I began looking for visual inspiration that fit this criteria.
Encompass_Logo-2After many iterations and playing with different styles, concepts, typography, and colors, I landed on this mark that fulfilled all of the objectives that was set at the start. The mark is three dimensional and measured, giving it an architectural solidity. It is circular and ties with the name encompass, with its organic shapes it feels natural and soft. It is meant to be inclusive, sending the message that Encompass covers all aspects of architecture, that Encompass brings and holds together. To further cue the audience into this deeper concept a tagline was developed. Simple, and straight to the point, “Built Around You” would become the tagline, and overarching message of Encompass. With the foundation of the rebrand concrete, you only need to refer to the original core values and goals when creating additional components.


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February 17, 2014

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