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The Mayor’s Arts Awards celebrates the artistic achievements of those directly impacting the community, it is a chance to thank and honor sponsors and benefactors for their contributions. The event is also a platform for the Lincoln Arts Council to display their achievements and rejuvenate excitement for the arts many positive impacts on the community.

The Idea

Meeting with the Office & Program Manager, Lori McAlister and with Event Decorator Jack Saltzman, we brainstormed ideas and concepts for what direction the event should go, taking into consideration the limitations that we have to work within and the needs that we need to address. The main theme for this year was easy to find considering we are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Lincoln Arts Council which was founded in 1968. The 50th Anniversary traditionally being known as being the golden anniversary, we knew we had to go with the phrase “We are Golden Together”. Not only did it insinuate the idea of an anniversary, but it was a perfect saying to strengthen the arts community and garner the sense of unity. Along with this, we knew that roses would be a main accent piece for the tables and decorations. We also somehow wanted to honor the year that the arts council was formed, as well as keep in mind the honorees and winners of the Mayor’s Arts Awards.


With more than enough to go off of, I began to think of visuals. I knew we would need a good lockup of our key phrase. The typography would have to have a classic and classy feel to it without being stale or outdated, while also keeping this an upscale and professional event.

Along with creating the lockup of the title I had been looking at what sort of imagery could be used to evoke and connect to that 1960s era. Lori in our meeting had mentioned the artist Peter Max as being a definitive style of the times. With iconic and graphic elements, harsh lines, collaged patterns, and bright eye catching colors.

After experimenting with a few of these styles and effects, I knew I had to choose something ‘iconic’ and simply Lincoln. The capital building was the obvious choice, and while I was first hesitant to use it, I remembered that we were honoring the Redesign and Rebuilding of the Lincoln Centennial Mall leading up to the capital. It would be a great fit.

Design Collateral

Now that we had established a visual language we could continue with the rest of the materials needed for the event. Next up was the main invitation. Which was kindly printed for us by Augustum’s Printing Service, allowing a color front and back and a black and white interior for a double sided 8.5×11 print with bleed. Having only black and white interior meant I had to continue the vintage yet modern theme in a different way.  For which I created a few more elements, like the Sower in a black and white halftone effect and a desaturated rose.

From this solid concept I could create all of the other materials necessary for the event; Save the Date, RSVPs, Sponsorship Forms, Table Programs, Sponsor Media Slides, the Arena Banner, Award Certificates, and other promotional items.

Save The Date

Sponsorship Form

Table Program

Additional Deliverables

During the event we had a few displays for attendees. The ‘From Days Gone By’ table had awards and invitations from past years graciously supplied to us by former winners. The area was marked by a large poster.

Seeing as this was a celebration of the 50th year of the Lincoln Arts Council, we wanted to list where we fall in comparison to other arts organizations, as well as celebrate and list other organizations through the display of a Timeline.

Art boards created by local artists to benefit the Lincoln Arts Council were up for sale during the event.

The Event

We had a wonderful event that honored just a few of the many people who have greatly contributed to the community of Lincoln. The floor of the Pinnacle Bank Arena was a very spacious and thrilling location, packed with over 500 guests. The LED banner circled the arena with the color gradient and provided that bright and exciting pop of color which mimicked the theme perfectly, and left a colorful sheen on the entire audience. I always love working with the Lincoln Arts Council and being able to support their programming and mission.

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April 17, 2018

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