Beckon in the season

As the weather turns and the leaves begin to fall, I always turn to a specific genre of music. This faux 80’s synth pop just seems the perfect compliment for the melancholy season. So here I present to you a Playlist for Fall 2017, a fresh take on that 80s style, inspired by all your favorite coming of age, angsty, teen movies.


I can definitely say I love going for a bike ride down the older neighborhoods with massive trees of all different colors. When you can wear a sweater or jacket, and hear the leaves crunch as you pass along. The cool breezy nights with the hazy full moon glowing. I’d have to say fall is my favorite season, so it makes sense I have a lot of music that makes me reminisce on the festive harvest season. I’m not sure what it is that ties fall weather and the 80’s together so closely in my mind. It could be the slew of 80’s and early 90’s themed halloween and scary classic movies. Either way, here are a few of my favorite tracks from the fall playlist:

M83 – Kim & Jessie

The 1975 – Somebody Else

HAIM – Falling

What are your favorites?

Do you have any 80s inspired fall-feeling music? I’d love to hear your suggestions. You can never have enough music. Follow along and I’ll be creating a few more fun playlists throughout the year. But for now, I hope you enjoy this season and the Playlist for Fall 2017.

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