One of the biggest things I first learned when starting to work in a creative field was that no one else can see your thoughts. “Duh,” you’re saying. Alright, yes, it might seem obvious. However this is a concept that I continually come up against when working on absolutely any project. Communication is at the heart of everything we do, and although “visual people” have an easy time envisioning  ideas and projects, that is not how everyone else works.

It Might Seem Obvious

I see this a lot with people who are new at collaborating and working with other creative people. They try to explain what they will do, how it will look. Even a great explanation and description of your visual ideas doesn’t fully suffice. An old world, marine themed, vintage styled typographic poster could mean so many things.

Which brings us to…

You Have To Show Them

This is pretty much all there is to it. To effectively communicate visual ideas, you have to visually show it. Is this obvious? Yes. But I still see many people forgetting this. When you’re working with other visual designers or anyone in your group, working on mocks, drafts, sketches, color palettes, and providing inspiration and reference imagery is extremely beneficial in communicating your visual ideas.

Share It With The World