Happy New Year! The “Professional” and “Personal” Life. Growing up, we were always reminded the difference between our professional selves, our personal selves, our academic selves etc. I had always compartmentalized and set strict boundaries. But as setbacks or achievements happened in any of these areas I realized how vitally interconnected they are, so much so that it makes no sense to differentiate between them. You are the asset of your work, develop yourself as you would a business project. Take care of yourself as you would a piece of equipment. Being a better you means being more productive, being a better…

Creating a newsprint journal featuring the typeface allowed to exhibit just how influential the style of type can be.

Just finished putting together a presentation for the Hixson-Lied Senior Capstone Exhibition! As graphic design is part of the Fine and Performing Arts side of the college, graduating students are expected to show in a capstone exhibition. This seemed so odd to me, to try and think of graphic design being shown aside fine art pieces. Their functions are completely different, right? What’s easiest is to print a little poster and tack that on the wall, but that’s a little too expected. I wanted to have some type of exhibit or presentation that was somewhat interactive and invited people to…

In anticipation for Kevin Breel‘s new book, Boy Meets Depression, I was asked to create a series of typographic images that would be sharable on social media platforms. After working through numerous styles and ideas that fit the concept and the heart of the book, we landed on using a rough handwritten style photographed in a notebook. This made a deep connection between the soulful, “bumpy and brutally honest” nature of the book and its contents. Almost like a handwritten diary or journal. About the Book “In his first ever book, Kevin Breel dives in to the deep and dark parts of his childhood….

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