I’m a graphic designer from Lincoln Nebraska.

I love the problem-solving aspect of design, using research, insight, and creativity to develop solutions. Design is all about people and understanding how we communicate and interact.

Graphic Design
Graphic Design is a large category that can encompass many mediums, styles, and processes. It can mean print or digital, modern or vintage. Whatever form it takes, graphic design is essentially a tool. A tool for understanding visual languages and being able to communicate, attract, inform, and interact with the viewer. 
The elements and visual language that make up an organization, person, or businesses’ identity is considered Identity Design. This can include the basics, a logo, the colors, stationary, business cards. But it can also include patterns, textures, papers, and any other element that a viewer would associate with the identity. Building a strong, recognizable, memorable, and purposeful identity is the first step in creating a brand that has a successful relationship with their customers.
What is your story? What makes you unique? How can you get your customers involved? Branding is about structuring a successful relationship between client and consumer creating an experience.

For any inquiries, I may be reached at:  info@joshuathorne.com