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Awkward Side Glances

Nebraska Native, designer, blogger, musician, big concept dreamer. Also should note, I’m an iced coffee afficionado, outdoor explorer, and avid iphone photographer.


Most of the time you’ll find me with a coffee in one hand, laptop on my lap and music playing in my little studio I call home. I’m a graphic designer, web designer, and I love branding. I may be a small city guy, but I’m always ready to take a trip to the next big city (even if that means going it alone). I’m an iced-coffee afficionado who loves tasteful color palettes, some good electronic music, and some nice kicks.


Good design makes life more exciting


Yes, I may be one of those Apple-loving designers, but I don’t fit all of the stereotypes. –I’m more focused on who you are rather than what font you’re using.– In an era where anyone can make a website or logo, what will set you apart from anyone else…is being the truest version of you. I want to be the person who can help you find that, and share it with the world. I want to take the confusion out of design, and give you something that makes you confident and proud of what you are doing.

It’s Quiz Time

–Yes, We’re Really Doing This–

1. On any given day, I am probably wearing:

A. Sweatpants

B. Jeans

C. Khakis

2. Where do you get coffee?

A. Scooters

B. Starbucks

C. Dunkin’ Donuts

D. The Mill

3. Favorite Place You’ve Travelled?

Los Angeles

4. If you lived in the world of a tv show, which would it be?

A. Westworld

B. Stranger Things

C. Game of Thrones

D. Parks & Recreation

5. Favorite Season?

Definitely Fall

6. Best Aspect of my work?

A. Seeing My Designs Get Used

B. Learning about so many different businesses

C. The People I work with

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A small town boy with big dreams of making amazing things.

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