5 Things to Leave in 2017

  1. Feeling stuck by decisions that you have the power to make
  2. Inactivity caused by not having a solid plan of action
  3. Living in closed off worlds and not realizing how small the world is and how big of an influence you can make
  4. Having anxiety over “big” things, instead make the big decisions with assertiveness and confidence
  5. Tricky Excuses. The hard to spot excuses that undermine the promises you make to yourself

5 Things to Keep from 2017

  1. Exercise, even if it feels like no progress is being made, keep at it, it’s always worth it.
  2. Finding your groove: keep discovering the things that are intrinsically you. New clothes, new music, new work methods. Keep searching for your “signature style”
  3. The “I can make it work” attitude. Whether its having to walk 5 miles to make a meeting, bike in the snow, or work a few crazy hours.
  4. Appreciation for nature. Take those hour long walks to simply appreciate miracle of life
  5. Ability to find gratitude in everything. For some reason this sounds underwhelming, but it’s still been the biggest positive influence
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