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Hello There

My name is Joshua, I'm a caffeine addict, nice to meet you.

Nebraska Native, designer, blogger, musician, big concept dreamer. Also should note, I’m an iced coffee afficionado, outdoor explorer, and avid iphone photographer.

–From The Blog–

No One Can See Your Thoughts

One of the biggest things I first learned when starting to work in a creative field was that no one else can see your thoughts. "Duh," you're saying. Alright, yes, it might seem obvious. However this is a concept that I continually come up against when working on...

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2017: 5 Things to Leave & 5 Things to Keep

  5 Things to Leave in 2017 Feeling stuck by decisions that you have the power to make Inactivity caused by not having a solid plan of action Living in closed off worlds and not realizing how small the world is and how big of an influence you can make Having...

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Let's Make Cool Stuff
A small town boy with big dreams of making amazing things.